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Salt River Project Horse Mesa Dam

Salt River Project Horse Mesa Dam

July 2012 July2012 SaltRiverHorseMesaDamUESI inspected the Unit 4 Intake structure and remove six trash racks at Horse Mesa Dam. This Project was located in the canyons North East of Phoenix Arizona. The remote location presented many logistical challenges requiring a detailed work schedule and plan to overcome access issues. UESI supplied divers, engineers, and a sonar equipped ROV to augment the inspection. UESI shipped and assembled barges and launched an 80-ton crane to support the work. A deep dive package to accommodate dives depths to 155 feet at an altitude of 2000 feet was required to execute the work safely. The project came in under budget and right on schedule.

UESI Completes Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Water Canal Revetment Project

UESI Completes Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Water Canal Revetment Project

July 2012 FPL StLuciePwerPlantProj July2010 1Due to the 2004 & 2005 storm season, the plant’s intake and discharge canals experienced significant erosion of the embankments. UESI was selected as the design build contractor based on our technical proposal. The repair involved restoration of the canal embankments with a mixture of stone and coarse sand followed by an Articulated Concrete Block (ACB) Mat to armor the canal. This process was completed in the intake and discharge canals. The discharge canal is 28 feet deep. Water temperature fluctuated between 98 degrees and 106 degrees. UESI conducted dive operations in the canal 6 days a week over 5 months. Work in the discharge canal was completed safely and ahead of schedule.