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UESI’s Unique Skills Put to use by Theme Park Industry

January 2015 – UESI’s Unique Skills Put to use by Theme Park Industry Jan15UESI has been awarded several underwater maintenance contracts by major theme parks. While this may sound more like play than work, the operating conditions and customer expectations offer some unique challenges. In some cases, divers share the work area with potentially dangerous marine life and often the work is performed in full view of theme park guests. It requires vigilance and a high degree of professionalism to keep the animals and the customers happy. Work requirements range from large scale cleaning operations and protective coating maintenance to cathodic protection system installation, valve replacement, and structural concrete repair. Dive teams are expected to work safely and efficiently but in a way that limits the impact on the park’s guest’s experience. Sometimes these goals seem mutually exclusive, but with creative work planning and careful execution, the desired results are achievable.

UESI Hosted Annual NACE Nuclear Symposium

January 2015 – UESI Hosted Annual NACE Nuclear Symposium. NACE Symposium 2015Globally the nuclear industry understands that a robust nuclear safety culture is necessary for safe and reliable operation of commercial nuclear power plants. An important part of that culture includes understanding how protective coatings play an important role in maintaining this safety.  Jon Cavallo of UESI chaired the symposium.