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UESI’s Upgrades Welding Facility

UESI Upgrades Welding Facility The following video offers a brief overview of the UESI hyperbaric welding facility in action. UESI maintains and operates one the few hyperbaric welding facilities in the world. Housed at UESI’s offices in Fort Pierce Florida, the hyperbaric weld tank is utilized for a variety of applications. One of the primary uses is the qualification of welding processes for specialized applications in the nuclear power industry.   Welding performed in a nuclear power plant is often directly related to the safe operations of the plant. As such, the welding process must be carefully controlled. UESI’s weld tank allows us to performing welding qualifications that meet rigorous requirements of the nuclear industry.

St Lucie County Artificial Reef Project

St Lucie County Artificial Reef Project The following video produced by St Lucie County TV for an Inside SL segment highlights one of UESI’s latest projects.