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UESI Wins County-wide Inspection Contract for Storm Water Piping

June 2015 – UESI Wins County-wide Inspection Contract for Storm Water Piping CulvertUESI diving engineers are currently helping the state of Florida prepare for hurricane season. If Florida is hit with a major hurricane, storm water piping and culverts may mean the difference between severe flooding and the orderly run-off of millions of gallons of rainwater. Pipes range in size from 30 to 84 inches, and are made of concrete or corrugated metal. UESI engineers have developed special report formats that cover the following structural elements: roadway, shoulders, safety features (guardrails, etc.), channel, channel embankment, headwall, wingwall, pipe material, pipe shape, pipe joints, sediment aggregation or erosion. UESI also provides full unedited video as well as a condition report for each structure. Working closely with county governments, UESI is able to provide timely assessments that facilitate efficient rehabilitation when necessary. UESI also provides maintenance and repair of storm water piping systems.

UESI Wins Nuclear Safety Related Coatings Contract

September 2014 – UESI Wins Nuclear Safety Related Coatings Contract Sept 2014Service Level I and III Nuclear Safety Related Coatings are a key element in ensuring nuclear plants continue to operate safely and, in the event of an emergency, are able to quickly and safely shut down the reactor. UESI has been supporting the nuclear industry in this regard since 1985

Under this contract, UESI provides project oversight as well as QA/QC services under its 10CFR50 Appendix B Quality Assurance Program.

Work includes primary containment surveys, buried pipe inspections, and large scale coatings projects.

Buried Pipe Inspection

Nuclear coating experts from UESI and its parent company Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. have been assisting a major nuclear utility in its evaluation of safety related buried pipe. Expert consultants and specially trained inspectors are assessing coating and corrosion conditions at a variety of locations on a number of different sites. Inspections are on-going and will continue into next year.

UESI Completes Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Water Canal Revetment Project

UESI Completes Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Water Canal Revetment Project

July 2012 FPL StLuciePwerPlantProj July2010 1Due to the 2004 & 2005 storm season, the plant’s intake and discharge canals experienced significant erosion of the embankments. UESI was selected as the design build contractor based on our technical proposal. The repair involved restoration of the canal embankments with a mixture of stone and coarse sand followed by an Articulated Concrete Block (ACB) Mat to armor the canal. This process was completed in the intake and discharge canals. The discharge canal is 28 feet deep. Water temperature fluctuated between 98 degrees and 106 degrees. UESI conducted dive operations in the canal 6 days a week over 5 months. Work in the discharge canal was completed safely and ahead of schedule.