UESI’s Commitment to Safety

Safety is No Accident

UESI is dedicated to providing a safe workplace where employees feel free and empowered to report any and all safety concerns.  UESI’s management at all levels is committed to promoting a safety culture that ensures a safety conscious work environment.  Nothing a manager or supervisor is doing is more important than addressing a safety concern.

However, management’s commitment is not enough.  A successful safety program depends on the involvement of both employees and customers.  Employees must become safety advocates who are active in the practice and enforcement of safety rules and procedures.  Our customers are encouraged to interact with UESI personal to promote both their own and UESI’s safety Goals.  A true culture of safety can only flourish when everyone involved in the work is committed to their own safety and the safety and health of their coworkers.

In addition to the robust safety program that has been in place at UESI for the past 30 years, several new safety initiatives have been implemented.

BROWZ Logo ISN logo

UESI is registered with the contractor management services BROWZ and ISN.  Organizations like these help our customers ensure that the contractors they hire are safe, qualified, and socially responsible by delivering comprehensive solutions to prequalify, assess, and monitor contractor compliance.

UESI’s Senior Vice President of Health and Safety has appointed a dedicated safety manager to assist him in managing UESI’s safety programs.  Together, they have implemented programs that actively track personnel training, certifications, and qualifications as well as testing and maintenance of life support equipment. 

SafetyCulture Logo iAuditor Logo  UESI-SOP Logo

UESI has recently adopted Safety Culture’s iAuditor mobile smartphone APP to support comprehensive field safety audits and UESI’s recently introduced Safety Observation Program.

UESI-SOP Logo puts the capability to provide timely feedback on safety issues in the hands of every employee via their smartphones.  The safety observation program isn’t intended to take the place of detailed safety audits.  Its goal is to get everyone more involved, on a daily basis, in creating a safer work environment.  A safety observation may address anything from poor housekeeping to a life-threatening safety condition.  Equally as important, it can also address a good safety practice that we want to recognize and keep repeating.

Safety observations are captured in the iAuditor App in real time and instantly distributed company-wide giving everyone the benefit of the observation the moment it occurs.  Safety observations are then entered into a database that is accessible to everyone on UESI’s intranet site.   An email is also automatically generated informing the Safety Manger and the Safety Committee that an observation has been made and allowing the necessary follow to be prioritized.  The data collected is used to rapidly initiate actions required to resolve safety issues, disseminate good safety practices, and develop trends that will help us to improve our safety program.