We’re hiring!

Commercial Divers/Marine Construction w/Experience

Underwater Engineering Services, Inc. is currently seeking experienced & qualified workers for the following trades.  (Drug Testing & Background checks will be required.)

  • Commercial Divers & Dive Supervisors
  • Carpenters – Dock Construction/Form Work
  • Laborers with Marine Construction/Concrete experience
  • NCCO Certified Crane Operators

HydroVision International Conference 2016

We recently attended the HydroVision International conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With more than 70 sessions and over 450 speakers, it was a great event and a wonderful way to see friends from this industry and meet new people!

UESI Safety Program Audit

AIGAmerican International Group, Inc., also known as AIG, is an American multinational insurance corporation with more than 88 million customers in 130 countries. AIG companies employ over 64,000 people in 90 countries.  AIG Property Casualty provides insurance products for commercial, institutional and individual customers.  AIG is UESI’s workers compensation carrier and recently conducted an audit of our safety program.  The following are excerpts from the audit report. 

The company has a strong EH&S program heavily influenced with the nuclear safety culture dealing with human performance and behavior based engineering. The nuclear safety culture is based on the principles established by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) (www.inpo.info).

Righting the Tug Kathleen

The Tug Kathleen was set on fire early Saturday morning.  The St. Lucie County Fire Department put out the fire but in the process the Kathleen sank.  
Efforts to raise the vessel on Sunday and Monday were unsuccessful and McCulley Marine Services (MMS) called in a crane from Underwater Engineering Services,
Inc.  (UESI).   Today with the help of 3 MMS vessels and the UESI crane, the Kathleen was righted and is floating again.  An oil boom and soak pads were placed
by MMS as a precaution but thankfully no hydrocarbons were discharged.  Floatable debris had been largely removed by volunteers.

UESI’s Commitment to Safety

Safety is No Accident

UESI is dedicated to providing a safe workplace where employees feel free and empowered to report any and all safety concerns.  UESI’s management at all levels is committed to promoting a safety culture that ensures a safety conscious work environment.  Nothing a manager or supervisor is doing is more important than addressing a safety concern.

However, management’s commitment is not enough.  A successful safety program depends on the involvement of both employees and customers.  Employees must become safety advocates who are active in the practice and enforcement of safety rules and procedures.  Our customers are encouraged to interact with UESI personal to promote both their own and UESI’s safety Goals.  A true culture of safety can only flourish when everyone involved in the work is committed to their own safety and the safety and health of their coworkers.

In addition to the robust safety program that has been in place at UESI for the past 30 years, several new safety initiatives have been implemented.