Nuclear Industry

UESI provides engineering, consulting, inspection, maintenance and construction services to nuclear industry customers worldwide. Our services cover assets located both above and below the water and support operating commercial nuclear plants, research facilities, government sites, and plants undergoing decommissioning. We have the capabilities to respond rapidly to emergent work, perform large scale projects, and support multi-year service contracts. UESI has supported the nuclear industry for over 35 years. In today’s operating environment, licensees expect service providers to aid in achieving safety, operational, and financial performance goals. Our team possesses the unique skill sets required to support these goals. UESI sets the highest possible standards for safety, quality, performance, and accountability and ensures that our goals remain consistent with those of our customers. Our service areas include:

  • Regulatory & licensing support
  • Program development & management
  • Engineering assessments & failure analysis
  • Staff augmentation & training
  • Plant coating surveys, inspection & test plans
  • Work planning, procedures & specifications
  • QA/QC oversight & QA audits
  • Laboratory & testing services
  • General Visual, ISI, ASME Sec XI Examinations
  • ANSI N45.2.6 / NACE Service Level I Coating Inspection
  • ROV & crawler inspections
  • In-Process Coating Application QA/QC
  • UT, weld, & concrete inspection
  • Leak detection & repair
  • Cleaning, desludging, & decontamination
  • Wet welding of stainless & carbon steel
  • Rx vessel, fuel pool, suppression pool, tanks
  • Concrete repair & erosion control
  • Pipelines, intakes & discharges
  • Decommissioning support

Over the past 25 years, UESI has performed thousands of hours of work under our NUPIC audited quality assurance program; work both inside and outside containment. Typical projects supporting commercial nuclear plants, research reactors, and decommissioning include:

  • License renewal support
  • Primary containment coating surveys
  • Degraded safety-related coating assessments
  • Conducting Design Basis Accident (DBA) coating qualification testing
  • Buried Pipe Coating Assessments
  • QA/QC of torus recoats
  • Develop, implement, and manage safety related coatings programs
  • Remove Rx vessel steam plugs
  • Steam dryer tie bar weld repairs
  • Fuel transfer system maintenance
  • Underwater plasma arc segmentation of irradiated components
  • Underwater recoats of spent fuel pools
  • Underwater suppression pool IWE ISI / ASME section XI examinations

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