Engineering, Inspection, Survey

servicesUESI has been providing inspection / survey services for all types of structures located in, near or over the water for the last 35 years since the creation of the underwater division. Because UESI is an engineering and construction company, we offer a unique combination of talents for our clients. UESI continues to evaluate new technologies and methods and apply them as they fit the project to provide our clients with the best value for their investment. Following are skills and services UESI offers for all kinds of structures including transportation structures, marine structures, water control structures, potable water tanks, wastewater and contaminated treatment facilities, power plant intakes, gates, and trash racks.

  • Structure inspection & evaluation
  • Underwater video & photography
  • Inspection by Professional Engineer-Diver
  • Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI)
  • ROV inspection
  • Tunnel and pipe penetration dive inspection
  • Buried pipe ID & OD inspection and assessment
  • Sonar-Enhanced inspection / survey
  • Reports by Professional Engineer
  • Coating inspection / NACE
  • Ultrasonic testing equipment
  • Facility condition surveys