Inspection Services


Inspectors qualified in accordance with applicable industry codes and standards use site-specific procedures and innovative practices to provide in-process oversight, assess current conditions and assist in projecting long-term maintenance requirements. Inspection plans and reports are industry specific and tailored to the needs of the facility.  UESI inspects assets located both above and below the water.

UESI provides quality control inspectors for coating application and construction as well as inspectors trained to address the needs of industry specific inspections.  Inspection techniques include visual, tactile, sonar, video, still photography, UT and other non-destructive methods.  Professional engineers are available to support either above water or underwater inspections and assist in developing inspection plans.

Inspection services include:

  • Structural inspection and evaluation
  • Steel, concrete, timber and plastics inspection
  • Bridge and culvert inspection
  • Dam and water control structure inspectioninspection
  • Marine facility inspection
  • Buried pipe & tunnel inspection
  • CP system assessment
  • Leak detection
  • Debris inspection
  • In-Process coating application QA/QC
  • Construction inspection (CEI)
  • NDE Examination
  • Inspection by Professional Engineer-Diver
  • Underwater video and photography
  • Tunnel and pipe penetration dive inspection
  • Sonar-Enhanced inspection / survey
  • ROV & Crawler inspections
  • ANSI N45.2.6 / NACE Nuclear Coating Inspection
  • General Visual, ISI, ASME Sec XI VT-1 & VT-3 Examinations in vapor and immersion areas

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