UESI Renews Its Commitment to Safety

Safety is No Accident

UESI is dedicated to providing a safe workplace where employees feel free and empowered to report safety concerns.  UESI’s management is committed to promoting a safety culture that ensures a safety conscious work environment.  Nothing a manager or supervisor is doing is more important than addressing a safety concern.

Workplace safety is UESI’s top priority. Nothing is more important than keeping our employees safe, and no one is more qualified than our employees to help us improve safety. Our goal is to reduce injuries, even minor ones, to zero while capturing valuable lessons learned that will help make us safer.

To that end, UESI started out 2017 with an in-house safety survey.  The response was impressive and resulted in many excellent observations and suggestions which will help us to make improvements in our safety program.

We will repeat the safety survey on a quarterly basis.  This will allow us to see how we are doing with the implementation of changes suggested by the survey and spot trends that indicate where further improvements are needed.  It will also ensure that as new employees join us, they have the opportunity to weigh in on safety.