UESI’s Upgrades Welding Facility

UESI Upgrades Welding Facility

The following video offers a brief overview of the UESI hyperbaric welding facility in action.

UESI maintains and operates one the few hyperbaric welding facilities in the world. Housed at UESI’s offices in Fort Pierce Florida, the hyperbaric weld tank is utilized for a variety of applications. One of the primary uses is the qualification of welding processes for specialized applications in the nuclear power industry.   Welding performed in a nuclear power plant is often directly related to the safe operations of the plant. As such, the welding process must be carefully controlled. UESI’s weld tank allows us to performing welding qualifications that meet rigorous requirements of the nuclear industry.

Perhaps the most unique feature of our facility is the ability to pressurize the tank placing the diver and the welding work at the exact depth that the weld must be performed. Since depth is an essential variable in the welding process, this is critical to meeting the requirements of qualifying an underwater welding procedure.

In addition to providing these services to its customers, UESI also supports vendors who may need to qualify personnel or processes at depth. Recently, UESI teamed with Sandvik and Oxylance to test a new wet welding electrode at depths well beyond which conventional welding electrodes have been successfully qualified. UESI supplied the underwater welders and technicians required to operate the weld tank and performed the welding while Sandvik and Oxylance supplied the weld wire and their considerable expertise in this field.

UESI is currently upgrading the welding to tank to support dry habitat welding qualifications for a company specializing in riser repair on offshore oil platforms. Upgrades will include the installation of additional through-hull penetrations to accommodate pneumatic, water, and electrical services. It will also be necessary to reconfigure the chamber interior to facilitate dry welding operations under pressure.