Employee Spotlight

Nicolette Smith

Accounts Payable Clerk

How long have you been with UESI?   About 10 months

What do you do at UESI?    I work in the Accounts Payable Department. I am responsible for processing invoices that come in for the different projects our company is working on. 

Tell us a little about your background:    I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Indian River State College. After college, I taught the second grade for some time. I absolutely love teaching, but I have also enjoy growing in my experiences as well as my career that’s what lead me to working for UESI. I earned the experience of being a manager for a veterinary hospital in between teaching and working for UESI. With the pandemic in place and being an essential worker, I loved serving my community, but I was also ready for a change and a bigger opportunity to grow further in my career. That’s when the door opened for me to come and be a part of the team at UESI. Working for UESI has been a dream job for me. 

Why did you choose the career path you followed?    I really enjoy working with people. Working at UESI makes me feel like I am contributing to something bigger, it challenges me. I’m not just office support. There is lots of opportunity for growth so that always keeps me motivated and encouraged.

What does your workspace look like?   Honestly, my workspace can be a little messy sometimes. I like to consider it organized chaos! LOL! I work best when I can spread out.

Who or what inspires you?  The person that inspires me would be my dad. He has always been so hardworking, and he is one of the few people I know that has amazing integrity. Growing up, I watched my dad show and teach me a great example of what it looks likes to be humble and walk-through life with leadership, kindness, and determination. Family comes first, even before himself. He continues to do whatever it takes to make sure that we are taken care of and safe no matter what.

If you could switch jobs for one day with anyone in UESI, whose job would you choose?  I think it would be fun to switch jobs with one of our divers! I think it would be cool to see what they see as they are working underwater. But of course, I would not want to test that on a day of one of their dirty jobs 😉

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?   Married with a family of my own.

Tell us about your life outside of work. Family, hobbies, volunteer activities? (Include photos! If submitting a photo of your family, include the names for the caption).  My life outside of work can be a little crazy! I’m always on the go, doing something! I enjoy teaching piano and vocal lessons. I have a few students that I teach throughout the week. When I am not teaching or working, you can find me spending time with family, playing sports, or staying active and going on adventures around Florida. My family is very important to me, and we are really tightknit. In the last two years my family has gotten a little bigger, as my sister got married and had a baby boy. I am absolutely loving being an aunt to that baby! I play for a co-ed softball league on Friday nights, and I also enjoy getting my friends together and playing spike ball on the beach. Thankfully, I live in the Sunshine State, so I have the luxury of being close to the beach! All in all, I am really blessed and grateful to be living the life I am.

Who would play you in the movie about your life? That’s a great question! I have no idea!
What is something on your bucket list? I would love to go to Italy!
Tell us something that many people might not know about you: I don’t like country music.
You would never catch me wearing: A Boston Red Sox hat. I’m a Yankee Fan through and through!
Dogs vs Cats (explain why): Dogs 100%! 🐾🐾 I have 7 dogs, but technically only 3 are mine… Beta, Dexter, and Sadie. My German Shepard Beta is in training to be a service/therapy dog and she loves to tag along with me wherever I go! Her favorite place to go is the softball field when I have games. She has her own jersey, and she sits by the dugout watching the games. She is my team’s mascot. Overall, dogs just bring so much joy to my life! Cats are too sassy