St. Lucie County Petravice Pedestrian Bridge

Project Dates: 07/02/2021 – 10/29/2021
UESI Project Director: Andrew Connelly
UESI Project Manager: Bob Begano
UESI Project Number: COM2021261

UESI was contracted by the County to construct a 250’ pedestrian bridge across the St. Lucie River to help complete a loop for a hiking trail at Petravice Preserve. The pedestrian bridge and boardwalk leading up to the bridge were constructed entirely from timber materials. The beginning of construction started with installing over fifty piles, some pile as long as 45’, using a crane, hammer and small excavator with auger to set and drive the piles. The construction of the timber substructure, decking and handrail followed quickly after the pile work. UESI faced many challenges that included a site located in a remote area with limited access, navigation of a barge through tight river channels, installing large heavy piles, working in an environmental sensitive site, staffing, and a strict timeline in order to complete construction for funding purposes.