Artificial Reef Restoration and Construction in New Jersey

What is artificial reef restoration and construction in New Jersey?

Although artificial reefs can enhance recreational and commercial fishing opportunities, creating a successful reef entails more than placing miscellaneous materials in the ocean, estuarine, or other aquatic environments. Planning, long-term monitoring, and evaluation are necessary in each project to ensure that the anticipated benefits are derived from artificial reefs. Improperly planned, constructed, or managed reefs may be ineffective, may cause conflict among competing user groups at the reef site, may increase the potential to overharvest targeted species, or may damage natural habitats. In such cases the benefits from the planned objectives of these structures may be negated.

The role of contractors in artificial reef restoration and construction in New Jersey like UESI is to work closely with federal, state, and local governments, and various environmental agencies to execute the planned work as specified. Our role typically involves structural or physical restoration.

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