In ancient times, the Polynesian people were voyagers, travelling the wide expanse of the Pacific. The start of a trip might often start with a single word, “IMUA”. This word’s intent is as clear in English as it is in Hawaiian and it means to “move forward” together. When the paddlers worked in unison, their canoes would leap from the water and glide across the surface, allowing the travelers to spread their culture and gifts across the oceans.

After many years of competitive outrigger canoe racing, when I am in a boat, I can close my eyes and feel the unified effort of all six crew members as their paddles enter the water and pull the outrigger forward. The boat almost sings as it efficiently moves forward, whether it be toward a race’s finish line or a far-off shoreline. My vision is that we at UESI, all experience that unified effort.

I call to my fellow employees, “IMUA”. Let’s move forward together to provide outstanding service to our clients. Treat each other with respect and charity and never forget we are family of the same sea. At all times, be safe and have the courage to call out and stop an unsafe event or action. We honor our clients by doing excellent work and being focused in our productive actions.

The result will be that we all will be in a position to care for the ones that we love and find meaning in life through our work and play. Join me in moving forward together and know that the leadership of this company is here only to support your efforts. IMUA!