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Genuinely Committed to Safety

UESI proudly stands as an industry leader in safe operations. We accomplish this effort by instilling a true culture of safety throughout our ranks and beyond, extending to our clients and other project stakeholders. When it comes to safety, we understand how everyone benefits through employee training, thorough planning and careful project execution. Our program succeeds because everyone involved is committed to their own safety and the safety of others who might be affected by any of our activities. UESI understands the importance of having a robust safety program and we pledge to do everything possible to protect the health and safety of our employees and other project participants.

UESI’s internal reporting system employs the iAuditor program to support field safety audits and our Safety Observation Program. The data collected in this program is used to rapidly initiate actions required to resolve safety issues, disseminate good safety practices and identify trends that will help us strengthen our safety program. UESI is committed to maintaining a workplace where employees are encouraged to communicate any concerns and ideas for improvement, especially when it comes to safety.

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UESI is registered with the contractor management services and ISNetworld . These organizations provide a direct benefit to our company and our customers by delivering solutions to prequalify, assess and monitor contractor qualification and compliance.