Commercial diving companies in New York

Commercial diving companies in New York – What is commercial diving?
From the oil industry to the police, there are many organizations that need to perform underwater activities. Commercial diving companies in New York can give your company a hand if you belong to any of these industries.

A commercial diver is someone who has trained as an advanced diver and is able to perform a wide range of tasks related to underwater industrial construction. Commercial divers have not only the skills of a professional diver, but also a high level of technical knowledge in their field to perform work in an underwater environment.

If you need any underwater activities, don’t let your workers risk their safety! Commercial diving companies in New York like UESI can provide specialized divers for your job.

UESI offers some of its most specialized services to the nuclear power industry. We regularly perform nuclear safety related services under our NUPIC audited 10 CFR 50, Appendix B/ASME NQA-1, Quality Assurance Program. However, we serve many other industries as well, from construction to power generation.

Whenever you need commercial diving companies in New York, UESI can help! Just contact us today and tell us about your project, and we will provide the best divers for your needs.

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