Different Types of Marine Construction

When living in South Florida, in fact, when living anywhere in Florida, most of us are aware of different types of marine construction projects. Examples of marine construction projects include boat lifts, docks, bulkheads, seawalls, retaining walls, revetments, and possibly future offshore energy facilities such as wind facilities and tidal power generators, not to mention underwater cable installation for our growing communication needs.

Simply put, marine construction focuses on anything built along the shoreline or underneath water. Many marine construction projects prevent damage to properties located near the water such as retaining walls and seawalls. Some marine projects enhance recreational and commercial fishing opportunities, such as creating artificial reefs, docks and boat lifts. Other projected marine construction projects such as offshore wind facilities and offshore tidal power generators will contribute to the energy production needs of our country.

Building and/or maintaining marine construction projects requires a very specialized skill set. Commercial divers, civil marine contractors and specialty engineering contractors are just a few of the specialists needed to design, build and maintain marine construction projects. Underwater Engineering Services, Inc. (UESI) can provide all of the specialized divers, marine contractors and engineers needed to provide cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to complex problems.

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