Important questions to ask before hiring a marine construction, underwater engineering company

There are many under water construction projects that require hiring and expert marine construction services or underwater engineering firm to properly plan, execute and supervise important underwater construction or maintenance needed. in order to either create a seawall or protect your property if it’s very close to the sea. There are very few underwater engineering companies that are professional, reliable and with the experience needed to tackle any kind of underwater construction project. When retaining a underwater engineering firm there are several important things to consider. Which brings the question, what questions should you ask someone offering marine construction services before you hire them?

What type of certifications &license do you have?

Needless to say, if you want to have a high-quality under-water marine construction, you want to work with someone that’s licensed or certified. This offers a peace of mind knowing you’re working with a professional in this field.

What initial recommendations do you have for the project planning & design?

Professional underwater engineering services should always be able to guide you and provide the right ideas. Having an adequate recommendations, planning and design is crucial for your safety, so it’s crucial to ask this question and see what they recommend.

What’s your experience in this field?

It’s very important to see they type of work they have done to make sure they are qualified to do the work you need. Ask for a list of projects and take the time to learn more about their team, their staff to see what’s their combined experience working in the industry.

Can you share some of your testimonials/references?

References and testimonials offer a great way to identify how good a service is and what you can expect from it. That’s why you want to ask for their references, and also check some of their online reviews. It will give you a good understanding of what work they do and what you can expect.

What equipment are you using?

The reason why this is an important question is because Some underwater projects require specific equipment to assess and identify the scope of work needed. Such as assessing level of damage for an underwater structure, underwater piping or anything else that requires repairs and proper maintenance. So you want to know beforehand if they have all the tools needed to get the work done correctly without the need of hiring a third party that provides additional equipment needed to perform the applicable tasks.


There are many additional important questions you need to ask and these are a few great questions to get started before you hire a marine construction engineering company. . It’s crucial to take your time, ask for multiple quotes and interview multiple businesses to see which one best suits your requirements and needs. avoid making any rush decisions, and take the time to find what underwater engineering services are ideal for your particular project. It’s very helpful to have the right marine construction services company in charge of your project so you can have the certainty the work will be done right and in time.