Marine Diving services in South Carolina

As you may know, commercial divers may be employed to perform tasks related to marine activities, such as naval diving, ships husbandry, marine salvage, or aquaculture. If you are looking for marine diving services in South Carolina, Underwater Engineering Services is the company perfect for you.

One of our marine diving services in South Carolina is a variety of environmental support services to environmental firms and local, state, and government organizations. Our services include:
Dredging and containment of contaminated or hazardous materials
Installation of erosion control measures
Removal of derelict vessels
Artificial reef construction and restoration
Assistance with mangrove preservation, hydrographic surveys, and biological monitoring

Our services cover assets located both above and below the water and support operating facilities as well as facilities undergoing decommissioning. We have the capability and resources to respond rapidly to emergent work, perform large-scale turnkey projects, and support multi-year service contracts.

Our teams work closely with the customer to ensure our marine diving services in South Carolina are consistent with the facility’s unique technical specifications and operating requirements. UESI’s core values of Safety, Customer Service, Quality, and Innovation form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct business. Contact us for more information.

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