What are the different types of commercial diving?

Offering commercial diving services in Florida is an excellent idea since many businesses need commercial divers all the time. Commercial diving can be a very lucrative job. Commercial divers are very skilled professionals with training and certifications that meet mandatory local regulations. There are many different commercial diving companies in Florida, and requirements can vary quite a bit depending on each company.

Offshore diver

Offshore divers are one of the most common divers used by commercial diving companies. These divers are essential for the gas and oil industry. These divers live on oil platforms or vessels seasonally.

Police divers

Police divers are necessary during investigations where underwater recovery is needed. These divers have the skills and knowledge to access various items found underwater. These types of jobs are common in Florida.

Military divers

Military divers are professionals performing both offensive and defensive military tactics. These divers are also known as naval divers who do military work underwater. An example of the many tasks they perform are repairing military vessels. Military divers often work for commercial diving companies in Florida after they leave the military.

Media divers

Media diving is usually related to underwater photography and filming. These divers offer their skills and expertise in underwater camera operations for movies, documentaries, and other media content.

Scientific divers

Scientific divers are both scientists and divers at the same time. They study underwater data both offshore and inland.

Nuclear divers

Nuclear divers tend to work on various projects where radiation is involved. They must work with complex gear; for example, they use a cold-water suit to avoid heat stress from contaminated areas. These professionals work for commercial diving companies assisting nuclear plants year-round.

Hazmat divers

Hazmat divers are professionals with particular skills that work in hazardous conditions. These commercial divers perform sewer diving. Hazmat divers dive through chemicals and polluted elements; therefore, they must be very experienced divers.

Inland diver

Inland divers work on various inland projects working on various civil engineering jobs performed in dams, rivers, lakes, and harbors. These commercial divers usually do not face as dangerous situations as Hazmat or Nuclear divers.


Various commercial diving services are needed from commercial diving companies in Florida. Underwater diving is an essential skill for many types of inspections, maintenance, repair, construction, research, and more, underwater, and offshore.

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