What is a protective coating?

A protective coating is a material placed directly on top of another material with the sole purpose of preventing that material from any future corrosion. This coating acts as a barrier against contaminates that will corrode the underlying metal above and below the water. Different materials are used depending upon the surface you will be covering, but all surfaces should have continuous preventative maintenance to retain its durability.

Why is a protective coating important?

Because metal and other materials can corrode or wear off with exposure to water, oxygen, or when exposed to harsh conditions, a protective coating is the best choice to use to keep your materials protected for long periods of time. A protective coating will also help extend the lifespan of materials, equipment or systems reducing the cost of any future repairs. Once you understand the importance of applying a protective coating when necessary, the next decision is selecting the correct coatings based upon the materials you will be protecting, the location and the environment that the materials will be exposed to.

UESI works with Coating Specialists who will facilitate your process in deciding which coating would be best for your industry needs. They have also designed a maintenance plan to assure the preservation of the materials and machineries of their customers. Because we operate throughout the world, you can count on reputable, experienced, and qualified professionals to help with all aspects of facility coatings above and below the water.