What makes a good commercial diver?

As a customer of commercial diving services, here is some advice that will help you in the process of contracting a good commercial diver, such as:

1. Training Programs and Certification

A legitimate diving contractor should meet all the requirements found in the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) Consensus Standards and the OSHA Commercial Diving Regulations. They should also provide insurance coverage that meets policy limits typically called for by customers employing commercial diving contractors.

2. Experience

Ask for safety data such as EMR and evaluate the contractor’s experience working in your industry and performing the type of work specified in the bid documents. Carefully consider the price. The lowest bidder may be financially attractive, but the low price could indicate unfamiliarity with the work or an effort to cut corners to keep costs down.

Most diving contractors will only hire divers trained at one of the Association of Commercial Diving Educators (ACDE) member schools. This ensures that all the basic training requirements have been met. While the training provided by these schools is first-rate, it is just the beginning. Responsible contractors recognize this and usually invest heavily in continuing education and on-the-job training programs to prepare these entry-level divers for the actual work. Firms hiring a commercial diving contractor should understand the unique nature of their work and reflect diver experience and qualification requirements in the RFP.

3. Good communication

A legitimate professional commercial diving contractor should be willing to discuss the needs of a specific project upfront. Doing so helps to ensure that the customer understands the needs of the job and hires a safe company at a competitive price. Most contractors welcome this.

4. Mental and physical fitness

The profession of commercial diving and underwater welding is physically demanding, mentally and emotionally draining, and is not for everyone. If you are thinking of starting a commercial diving career, there are some abilities you should display and advice to follow that will help you determine if this major is for you.

• Age: People aged 18 to 35 years old are the most desired by prospective employers. After age 45, divers are usually restricted from deep diving for physiological reasons.
• Passion for the water: If you are a strong swimmer, and feel comfortable in an aqueous environment such as the ocean, a river, or lake, then you will feel comfortable with each job you may encounter as a commercial diver.
• Possess above-average physical and mental toughness.
• A strong mechanical inclination.
• Knowledge of the actual work: A commercial diver might be out at sea working for two to six weeks at a time, which is tough on some individuals. Ten-hour workdays are also typical in the industry.

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