Protective Coatings and Corrosion Control in New Jersey

Looking for professional protective coatings and corrosion control in New Jersey? Then look no further.

Our staff of protective coatings and corrosion control in New Jersey are internationally recognized coating professionals, including subject matter experts, coating and corrosion specialists, NACE inspectors, professional structural engineers, chemists, certified industrial hygienists, and underwater coating specialists/divers.

Years of experience have taught us that safety, quality, and innovation are pertinent in every project. With this as a guiding principle, UESI’s specialty services provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to complex projects.

UESI is a leading commercial diving, civil marine company with specialized contractors and specialty engineering operating throughout the world. We offer a wide range of services and turnkey solutions as well as design and specialty services uniquely applicable to the needs of customers. We do it all, from heavy marine construction companies to nuclear power plant operators. UESI’s core values of safety, customer service, quality, and innovation form the foundation on which our work and business ethics are built on. So, whether you are looking for:

• Coating System Recommendations
• Material Selection
• Coating and Corrosion Control Assessment
• Failure Analysis
• Coatings Program Development and Recommendations
• Maintenance Planning
• Maintenance and Repair Procedures
• Technical Specification and Procedure Development/Review
• Containment Design, Ventilation Efficiency Evaluation

We are the best company in New Jersey, providing our clients with experts and specialists of protective coatings and corrosion control in the state.

Our divers and inspectors are equipped to provide services that encompass all aspects of coatings above and below the water. Our personnel are well diverse in regulatory requirements that relate to the removal and application of industrial coating systems. Our qualified commercial divers are certified to perform in-service inspections in both atmospheric and immersion areas.

UESI has earned a reputation and is recognized as nuclear industry leaders in nuclear coatings and linings, procurement engineering, technical consulting, prominent industry committee membership, corrosion engineering, quality and technical program/specification development, and large-scale project management. In this respect, UESI has the experience and capability to perform turnkey projects independently. This aspect of our capabilities and services sets us apart from other diving services companies in New Jersey. The level of rigor, integrity and expertise with which UESI approaches its nuclear safety related are evident in all our services.

If you are looking for protective coatings and corrosion control in New Jersey, you are in the right place.

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