Protective Coatings and Corrosion Control in New York

UESI is specialized in protective coatings and corrosion control in New York benefit a variety of customers including power generation, marine, water utilities, pulp & paper, and major theme parks.

Expert Consultants and Technical Specialists

• Coating System Recommendations
• Material Selection
• Coating and Corrosion Control Assessment
• Failure Analysis
• Coatings Program Development and Recommendations
• Maintenance Planning
• Maintenance and Repair Procedures
• Technical Specification and Procedure Development/Review
• Containment Design, Ventilation Efficiency Evaluation
• Worker Training and Qualification

UESI Experts, Specialists of protective coatings and corrosion control in New York, Divers, and Inspectors provide services that encompass all aspects of facility coatings above and below the water. Our personnel are well versed in regulatory requirements that relate to the removal and application of industrial coating systems. Our qualified commercial divers are certified to perform in-service inspections in both atmospheric and immersion areas.

If you are looking for protective coatings and corrosion control in New York, you are in the right place.

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