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UESI provides engineering, consulting, inspection, maintenance and construction services to customers nationwide. Our services cover assets located both above and below the water and support operating plants and dams undergoing decommissioning. We have the capabilities to respond rapidly to emergent work, perform large scale projects, and support multi-year service contracts.

UESI provides multi-disciplined consulting and engineering services. We are able to address a wide range of challenges facing the hydro power industry. Our resources include engineers, consultants, diver/inspectors, and marine construction specialists to address issues both above and below the water.

UESI inspection programs comprehensively assess a structure and its operating components. Data can then be combined to address regulatory issues and create a comprehensive maintenance plan, if necessary. Inspection plans are developed in cooperation with the Licensee so that they are specific to the needs of the facility. Inspection services include:
  • Mechanical and Structural Inspection
  • Concrete and Steel Inspection
  • Underwater Inspection
  • Scour Assessment
  • Inlet/Outlet Works, Penstock and Tunnel Inspection
  • Sonar-Enhanced Inspection
  • Coating and Corrosion Inspection
  • Weld Inspection
  • Leak Detection
  • FERC Part 12 Inspection Support
UESI has extensive experience in performing repair and maintenance work on concrete structures. With our in-house engineering capability, we are able to address the design/build needs of complex repair or maintenance requirements. With our highly skilled dive teams, these services are easily extended to underwater areas. Our repair, maintenance, and marine construction services include:
·         Debris, Sludge and Sediment Removal ·         Concrete Placement by Tremie or Pumping
·         Concrete Repair and Leak Sealing ·         Leak and Spall Repair
·         Epoxy and Chemical Grout Injection ·         Apron Repair
·         Head Gate Adjustment and Repair ·         Pump, Pipe and Cable Installation
·         Weld Repair of Carbon and Stainless Steel ·         Erosion Control and Mitigation
·         Certified Underwater Coatings Application ·         Bulkhead, Pier and Pile Rehabilitation
·         Underwater Leak Detection, and Repair ·         Gate Installation and Underwater Rehabilitation
·         Scour Protection and Remediation ·         Membrane Installation
·         Penetrations and Deep Diving ·         Gates and Guides - Sills and Seals
·         CP Installation ·         Shafts and Linkage
·         Concrete Restoration ·         Trash Racks and Stop Logs
·         Grout and Epoxy Injection ·         Valve Repair and Replacement
Please visit our service pages for an overview of UESI’s capabilities. If you have questions, one of our professional engineers, subject matter experts, or technical specialists will be happy to discuss your maintenance issue or project needs to assist in developing an effective approach.