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UESI provides multi-disciplined consulting and engineering services.

We are able to address a wide range of challenges facing a variety of industries.

UESI engineers and subject matter experts provide a full range of Expert Consulting Services that encompass many areas of specialization including welding, protective coatings, and corrosion control. Our services include:

  • Expert witness services
  • Preliminary document review & analysis of dispute
  • In-Depth field analysis
  • Interrogatory and deposition assistance
  • Deposition / court appearances
  • Dispute settlement / arbitration
  • Coating failure analysis
  • Program development & implementation support
  • Material qualification testing such as DBA LOCA testing for nuclear safety related coatings
  • Special processes such as underwater coating application and welding
Utilizing our combined resources, UESI supports the Nuclear Industry under its 10CFR-50 Appendix B / ASME NQA-1 QA Program, and is able to address the full range of nuclear coating issues affecting safety-related and BOP coatings in both atmospheric and immersion service. Consultants and Subject Matter Experts provide services that include: regulatory & licensing support, evaluation of special processes, program development & management, engineering assessment & failure analysis, and staff augmentation & training.

Related Technical Services include:

  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Developing Technical Specifications
  • Coating System Recommendations & Specifications
  • Containment Design, Ventilation Efficiency Evaluation
  • Written Programs Addressing a wide Range of Industry Stan
  • Worker Training & Qualification