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Boardwalk Construction, Replacement, and Repair: Exploring the Distinction between Boardwalks and Piers

Boardwalks and piers are structures commonly found in waterfront areas, but they serve different purposes and have distinct characteristics. Understanding the differences between a boardwalk and a pier is essential when planning construction, replacement, or repair projects. This article will delve into the distinctions between boardwalks and piers. We will also introduce Underwater Engineering Services (UESI), a trusted company specializing in boardwalk solutions in Massachusetts.

Unraveling the Distinctions between Boardwalks and Piers

Boardwalks: Boardwalks are typically pedestrian pathways constructed over natural environments, such as beaches, wetlands, or parks. They provide a stable walking surface, often featuring elevated wooden planks or decking. Boardwalks are designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape while offering a safe and accessible way for people to navigate the area.

Piers: Piers, on the other hand, are structures extending from the shoreline into a body of water. Piers are primarily used for mooring vessels, fishing, or as recreational spaces. Unlike boardwalks, piers are constructed to support heavier loads and accommodate activities such as boat docking, fishing platforms, or installing amenities like shops and restaurants.
Purpose and Function: Boardwalks primarily serve as recreational walkways, allowing people to enjoy the natural beauty of the waterfront while preserving sensitive ecosystems. Conversely, piers have a more practical function, providing access to water-based activities and facilitating commercial or recreational boating.

Design and Construction: Boardwalks are typically designed considering aesthetics and environmental considerations. They are constructed with materials suitable for pedestrian use, emphasizing comfort, safety, and blending into the natural surroundings. Piers require more robust construction, often incorporating structural supports, pilings, and heavy-duty decking materials to withstand the forces associated with vessel docking and commercial use.

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