General Power Plant Diving in Massachusetts

When someone mentions commercial diving at a power plant, it immediately causes some questions to arise: Will there be explosions? What can you do with diving? Who can handle a general power plant diving in Massachusetts? Having a business such as Underwater Engineering Services, Inc., will help you keep an eye on every important aspect of the power plant.

At UESI, we perform maintenance and inspections on steel and concrete structures, systems, and components to provide the plant with the information needed to make informed maintenance decisions. These include:

• Intake cribs
• Tunnels
• Canals
• Traveling water screens
• Intake structures
• Circulating water pumps
• Condenser water boxes
• Storage tanks
• Gates

UESI is a leading commercial diving, civil marine contractor, and specialty engineering contractor operating worldwide. We offer a wide range of services and turnkey solutions as well as design and specialty services uniquely applicable to the needs of customers ranging from heavy marine construction companies to nuclear power plant operators.

We have programs that address weld inspection, traveling water screens, and storage tanks. Our inspection programs are typically integrated into a comprehensive maintenance program. Following the initial examination, an assessment is performed to determine precisely what repairs, replacements, or refurbishments are required. Based on this analysis, our services on general power plant diving in Massachusetts develop recommendations that include any deficiencies requiring immediate action and a detailed annual maintenance program specific to the needs of each screen, including:

• Mechanical and Structural Inspection
• Coating and Corrosion Inspection
• Weld Inspection
• Leak Detection

UESI's core values of Safety, Customer Service, Quality, and Innovation form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct business. Our teams work closely with the customer to ensure our general power plant diving in Massachusetts is consistent with the facility's unique technical specifications and operating requirements. Contact us for more information.

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