Hyperbaric Welding in New Jersey

Why is underwater welding important?

Underwater welding plays an important role in construction, the maintenance of oil rigs and ships, and much more. Welding requires extreme heat to fuse two surfaces together. The idea of heating surfaces to such a high temperature while they are underwater often seems counterintuitive.

UESI is a leading commercial diving, civil marine contractor and specialist in hyperbaric welding in New Jersey. Years of experience have taught us that safety, quality, and innovation must be planned into every project. With this as a guiding principal, UESI’s specialty services provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to complex projects. Our long history of on-time completions and quality work coupled with our steadfast commitments to safety and customer service are hallmarks of UESI’s business approach.

UESI employs experienced commercial divers, construction managers, subject matter experts, and professional engineers. All are dedicated professionals of hyperbaric welding in New Jersey selected to ensure we maintain our core values.

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