AECOM HABS Brevard Barge Rental

Project Dates: 08/06/2023-11/30/2023
Site Supervisor: Eric Marigione
Project Manager: Andrew Connelly
Project Number: EQR-2300006.00

GPI subsidiary company, Underwater Engineering Services, Inc. (UESI) offers rental of barges and other equipment when not being used to support project work. UESI loaded this mobile algae harvester onto a barge and is taking it to Melbourne. The harvester's official name is the AECOM Hydronucleation Flotation System (HFS). Water is pumped through the system at 700 gallons per minute (equivalent to 1 million gallons per day). In the system, water conditioners are added to flocculate the algae. Then, microbubbles are used to float the flocculated algae to the surface of the HFS unit, and the accumulated algae is skimmed off into a collection tank. The resulting biomass is then refined for uses such as aviation fuel and clean water is pumped back into the river, lake, or wherever the harvester is located.