City of Boca Raton Red Reef Park Snorkel Reef & North Jetty

Project Dates: 07/05/2021 – 12/15/2021
UESI Project Director: Andrew Connelly
UESI Project Manager: Randal Bazemore
UESI Project Number: COM2021293

UESI was awarded artificial reef work and jetty groin repair work by the City of Boca Raton. UESI faced many challenges such as navigating large barge equipment in shallow waters and environmental sensitive areas, artificial reef material staging limitations and offshore weather conditions. UESI met these challenges with experience and talented personnel and management working together to successfully complete the project safely. UESI brought two counties together to complete this project by negotiating a work service donation to the St. Lucie County Artificial Reef Program. This service allowed UESI to utilize St. Lucie County’s Harbor Pointe Park Facility to stage material and load barges for deployment to Boca Raton. By making a charitable donation, UESI is working to build a strong presence and relationship in our local community.

The project consists of two location sites: Red Reef Park Snorkel Reef and the North Jetty at the Boca Raton inlet. At Red Reef Snorkel Park, UESI constructed 16 additional artificial reef modules to the existing snorkel reef to form a complete snorkeling trail. Each module was constructed from limestone rocks in the form of twelve (12) boulders of three to four-foot nominal dimension. Modules were comprised of a single base layer consisting of twelve (12) boulders, with up to six (6) boulders placed tightly within the void spaces above to form the second layer. The snorkel reef site was completed by placing over 540 tons of limestone boulders.