Manatee Pocket Dinghy Dock

Project Dates: 10/07/2022-05/31/2023
Site Supervisor: Bob Begano
Project Manager: Andrew Connelly
UESI Project Number: COM2200172.00

UESI was awarded the contract from Martin County Public Works to replace over two hundred feet of docks at the Manatee Pocket dingy docks. The project was led by Construction supervisor Matthew Peacock. The work was performed by our dedicated and extremely talented crew. The work was performed from a 40'X80' barge system supported with a crane and a push boat. The scope of work consists of removing over two-hundred feet of an existing timber boardwalk that included extracting all timber and concrete filled composite pilings. The crew rebuilt two timber fixed piers and drove steel pipe piles for the installation of the new floating docks. The crew installed the concrete floating docks and three aluminum gangways to complete the project. The project was completed successfully and safely leaving the Client extremely impressed and satisfied with the final product.