Nuclear coating consulting in Massachusetts

When looking for nuclear coating consulting in Massachusetts, you need to think about suitably qualified divers and professionals who can perform detailed explanations employing various methods, including visual, video, and multiple types of tools.

Underwater Engineering Services, Inc. is a leading commercial diving, civil marine contractor, and specialty engineering contractor worldwide. With over 35 years of service, our nuclear coating consulting in Massachusetts is conformed by highly qualified inspectors, and technicians with specialized training and diving techniques to assure consulting are relevant to customer needs.

UESI has the only underwater repair coating (UT-15) DBA qualified for application in the MNGP torus (Phenoline 368 WG), in the Fermi 2 Torus (Carboguard 6250N). The UT-15 coating is also proposed for torus vapor region repairs due to the Phenoline 368 WG unavailability. UT-15 is 100% solids (no VOC) and cures under moist and immersion conditions; this eliminates the need for ventilation and environmental controls. UT-15 has a 30-year history of successful performance in both immersion and vapor phase applications.

UESI has earned a reputation and is recognized as a nuclear industry leader in nuclear coatings and linings, procurement engineering, technical consulting, prominent industry committee membership, corrosion engineering, quality and technological program/specification development, and large-scale project management.

UESI provides multi-disciplined consulting and engineering services and can address a wide range of challenges facing the industries we serve. Our in-house resources include professional engineers, expert consultants, divers, inspectors, technicians, and construction specialists. Our service areas include:

• Regulatory and Licensing Support
• ROV and Crawler Inspections
• Program Development and Management
• In-Process Coating Application QA/QC
• Engineering Assessments and Failure Analysis
• UT, Weld, and Concrete Inspection
• Staff Augmentation and Training
• Leak Detection and Repair
• Plant Coating Surveys, Inspection, and Test Plans
• Cleaning, Desludging, and Decontamination
• Work Planning, Procedures and Specifications
• Wet Welding of Stainless and Carbon Steel
• QA/QC Oversight and QA Audits
• Rx Vessel, Fuel Pool, Suppression Pool, Tanks
• Laboratory and Testing Services
• Concrete Repair and Erosion Control
• General Visual, ISI, ASME Sec XI Examinations
• Pipelines, Intakes and Discharges
• ANSI N45.2.6 / NACE Service Level I Coating Inspection
• Decommissioning Support

Years of experience have taught us that we must plan safety, quality, and innovation for every project. So, if you are looking for the best nuclear coating consulting in Massachusetts, contact us for more information.

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