Nuclear coating consulting in South Carolina

Nuclear consulting is a specialized service that not many companies handle. At Underwater Engineering Services, Inc., nuclear coating consulting in South Carolina is part of our range of services.

Underwater Engineering Services, Inc. is a leading commercial diving, civil marine contractor, and specialty engineering contractor worldwide. With over 35 years of service, our nuclear coating consulting in South Carolina is conformed by highly qualified inspectors and technicians with specialized training and diving techniques to assure inspections are relevant to customer needs.

UESI has earned a reputation and is recognized as a nuclear industry leader in nuclear coatings and linings, procurement engineering, technical consulting, prominent industry committee membership, corrosion engineering, quality and technological program/specification development, and large-scale project management.

UESI offers some of its most specialized services to the nuclear power industry. We regularly perform nuclear safety-related services. These services include inspections, maintenance, retrofits, spent fuel pool services, coating assessment and application, work on reactor vessel internals, and more.

Inspections, examinations, and assessments are conducted for integrity determinations of nuclear systems, structures, and components in areas not typically accessible for coated or non-coated substrates to identify, quantify and evaluate corrosion, mechanical damage, surface defects, and minimum wall thickness conditions.

UESI's certified inspectors and diver/inspectors perform detailed coating examinations, condition assessments, and inspections on nuclear systems, components, and structures. This includes nuclear containment, fuel pools, safety-related storage tanks, piping, supports, bolting, and ECCS components.

Contact us for more information about our nuclear coating consulting in South Carolina. Our goal is to facilitate a partnership with our customers that forges a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

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