Underwater inspections using remotely operated vehicles (ROV) in New Jersey

Unveiling the Depths: Advantages of Underwater Inspections Using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in New Jersey.

Nestled along the northeastern coast of the United States, New Jersey boasts a diverse marine environment that includes coastal waters, estuaries, and offshore habitats. Inspecting and maintaining underwater structures and assets in this region are crucial for industries such as offshore energy, marine research, fisheries, and coastal infrastructure management. Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) have emerged as a transformative technology, offering numerous advantages for underwater inspections in New Jersey.

New Jersey's marine environment includes diverse underwater structures like offshore wind farms, pipelines, and artificial reefs. ROVs can access and navigate these challenging environments, including deep-water areas, subsea infrastructure, and other inaccessible locations, ensuring comprehensive inspections and assessments.

Remote Inspections provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to dewatering or deploying divers. UESI provides small underwater inspections using remotely operated vehicles (ROV) in New Jersey for visual/video inspections.
Underwater Engineering Services, Inc. is a leading commercial diving, civil marine, and specialty engineering contractor worldwide. UESI's core safety, customer service, quality, and innovation form the foundation for performing and conducting business. We offer a wide range of services and turnkey solutions and design and specialty services uniquely applicable to the needs of customers ranging from heavy marine construction companies to nuclear power plant operators.

Coupled with our qualified inspectors and engineers, these have proven to be extremely effective data collection platforms. UESI professionals include engineers, technicians, and inspectors who provide expert services in various disciplines. UESI uses its unique skills on projects requiring an innovative approach.

UESI provides engineering, inspection, and survey services for all structures located in, near, or over the water. Because UESI is an engineering and construction company, we offer a unique combination of skills, including qualified PE divers and construction professionals. UESI continues to evaluate new technologies and methods and apply them as they fit the project to provide our clients with the best value for their investment.

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