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Aquarium Maintenance in Florida

Theme Parks and Aquariums have many of the same systems, assets, and operating equipment found at major industrial facilities requiring routine maintenance and sometimes major rehabs or new construction. But they are unique in that much of their infrastructure is given their customers (Guests). Sometimes guests interact with this infrastructure. Some parks and aquariums add large animals and marine life to compound the challenge. Nevertheless, Owners expect work to be carried out while attractions are in operation and without endangering or inconveniencing guests or wildlife.

Underwater Engineering Services Inc. (UESI) has gained a stellar reputation for its exceptional expertise in aquarium maintenance, particularly in the vibrant state of Florida. With a keen focus on preserving marine life and ensuring the longevity of aquatic attractions, UESI has successfully tackled various maintenance issues without disrupting park operations or compromising guest relations.

One notable project involved extensive underwater work at a massive saltwater aquarium teeming with diverse marine species, from tropical fish to magnificent sea turtles, dolphins, and sharks. The scope of the endeavor encompassed remediation of decaying bottom media beds, corrosion protection for steel reinforcing in the concrete tank walls, and upgrades to vital distribution piping supporting the tank's life support systems. Additionally, UESI faced the challenge of relocating or stabilizing numerous large theme elements, some weighing several thousand pounds. Remarkably, all of this work was accomplished by UESI's skilled divers without inconveniencing the attraction's visitors.

The intricacy and specialization of underwater maintenance work necessitate the engagement of an experienced commercial diving contractor like UESI. Adhering to stringent safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Association of Diving Contractors International, Inc. (ACDI), all operations are meticulously planned and coordinated with on-site safety and operational personnel. UESI recognizes that the project's success and the safety of the habitat and personnel hinge upon the collaboration between various groups. Consequently, the company works closely with personnel from life support, animal care, attraction operations, and show quality departments to ensure the well-being of both humans and animals and the enjoyment of the guests.
In addition to their prowess in underwater work, UESI boasts in-house engineering services that can be tailored to assess structural issues and design customized solutions. This comprehensive approach ensures that specific needs are met effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, UESI's substantial resources and expertise position them as capable managers of large-scale projects. Their extensive experience in underwater operations ensures that the aquatic environment remains unharmed, and any operational disruptions are minimized.

If you're seeking a trusted partner for aquarium maintenance in Florida, UESI is the go-to company. Their dedication to preserving marine ecosystems, expertise in underwater welding, and meticulous attention to safety and operational coordination make them the ideal choice. By choosing UESI, you can rest assured that your aquarium will receive the utmost care, with minimal impact on daily operations and an unforgettable experience for your guests. Contact UESI today to discuss your unique aquarium maintenance needs and take the first step toward maintaining a thriving underwater environment.

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