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Theme Parks and Aquariums have many of the same systems, assets, and operating equipment found at major industrial facilities requiring routine maintenance and sometimes major rehabs or new construction. But they are unique in that much of their infrastructure is in view of their customers (Guests). In fact, sometimes Guests interact with this infrastructure. To compound the challenge, some parks and aquariums add large animals and marine life. Nevertheless, Owners expect work to be carried out while attractions are in operation and without endangering or inconveniencing guests or wildlife.

Performing even routine maintenance without compromising show quality or disrupting delicate ecosystems is indeed challenging. Undertaking extensive maintenance or a major rehab or with the facility in-service might even seem impossible. Nevertheless, there are instances where closing attractions or relocating animals are not viable options. UESI has the resources, experience, and expertise to manage small or large projects without endangering aquatic environments or animal habitats and without causing significant operational impacts.
All of UESI’s services are adaptable for work in such facilities. Most can be performed above or below the water. We also understand that work must be carefully planned and coordinated with on-site operations. The safety of the animals and site personnel, the satisfaction of the guests, and the success of the project depends upon the efforts and cooperation of many diverse groups. UESI works closely with the Owner’s managers, engineers, and operational personnel from all applicable disciplines to ensure not only the health and wellbeing of personnel and animals, but the enjoyment of the guests.
Please visit our service pages for an overview of UESI’s capabilities. If you have questions, one of our professional engineers, subject matter experts, or technical specialists will be happy to discuss your maintenance issue or project needs to assist in developing an effective approach.