Underwater Diving services in New York

Do you need an underwater diving service in New York? UESI is the company you are looking for.

Underwater Engineering Services, Inc., is a leading commercial diving, civil marine contractor, and specialty engineering contractor operating throughout the world. Our underwater diving service in New York provides underwater inspection, maintenance, repair, construction, and technical support services to customers.

UESI has experts experienced in supporting and managing diving operations in a variety of industries including nuclear, fossil, and Hydroelectric generation, offshore oil and gas, heavy marine construction, and infrastructure rehabilitation.

We offer a wide range of underwater diving services in New York and turnkey solutions as well as design and specialty services uniquely applicable to the needs of customers ranging from heavy marine construction companies to nuclear power plant operators.

Phone: 772-337-3116
Email: bbegano@uesi.com / aconnelly@uesi.com
Address: 4950 Genesee Street, Suite 100, Buffalo, New York 14225