Government, Transportation, Industrial

governmentUESI provides a variety of engineering, inspection, maintenance and construction services to Government, Transportation, and Industrial customers. Service both above and below the water are available. Typical underwater inspection and maintenance services:

  • Debris, sludge, and sediment removal from intake structures, vessels, and storage tanks
  • Concrete repair and leak sealing
  • Epoxy and chemical grout injection
  • Traveling water screen adjustment and repair
  • Weld repair of carbon and stainless steel structures, systems and components
  • ASTM/ANSI certified underwater applied coatings services
  • Underwater leak detection, and weld repair
  • Bridge inspection
  • Pipe assessment and repair
  • Dams and water control structure inspection and maintenance

UESI can perform turnkey work or provide diving support, as a subcontractor, on large marine construction projects. UESI has experience in the following:

  • CP installation
  • Concrete restoration
  • Pump, pipe & cable installation
  • Erosion control and mitigation
  • Bulkhead, pier & pile rehabilitation
  • Traveling water screen installation and underwater rehabilitation
  • Pipe installation