Barge and Equipment Rental Services

UESI maintains a fleet of barges and other equipment used to support our projects. This fleet of equipment is also available on a rental basis. In addition to the barges and equipment, UESI can offer delivery, installation and maintenance services. Qualified operators can also be provided.

UESI has provided barge equipment to support many of our customers and their projects.

UESI has over twenty barge sectionals in our fleet available for rent. Our rental fleet also includes spud wells, 20’ to 40’ spuds, spud winches, rakes, and a barge propulsion unit.

UESI has the resources to transport or arrange the transportation of the barge equipment to our customers either by tractor trailer or tug boat.

UESI has the resources to assist in the configuration of the barge for our customers.
  • Barge Equipment Rental
    • 5’ X 10’ X 40’ Sectionals
    • 5’ X 10’ X 20’ Sectionals
    • Spud wells, spuds, rakes, spud winches, propulsion units
  • Barge Configuration In-Field Services
  • Transportation Services
    • Tractor Trailer
    • Tug boat
    • UESI 28’ push boat and operator services

Crane Services and Crane Resources


UESI has two cranes in our company fleet of equipment. We employ certified crane operators who have the experience to operate cranes of all varieties and sizes. UESI has provided our resources to customers on many projects.

Crane Equipment Services

  • 60 Ton RT Crane
  • 30 Ton Terex Crane
  • 70 Ton Crawler Crane

  • Certified Crane Operators
  • Crane Transport Services

Tractor Trailer Services and Resources

UESI offers transportation services including hauling heavy-equipment for our customers. We employ licensed truck operators and have the resources to provide transportation services to satisfy a large variety of customer requests.
  • Mack Truck Services
  • Low Boy Trailer Services
  • Flat Bed Trailer Services
  • Regional, State, and Local Transportation Services
To request a quote for services or for more information, please contact Andrew Connelly at (772) 370- 1368 /