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Serving Our Customers for over 35 years

    UESI currently utilizes dedicated resources under our in-house Quality Assurance Program, where we are able to address the full range of coating and corrosion issues in both atmospheric and immersion service for steel, concrete, and wood structures.

    Our Staff includes internationally recognized coating professionals including Subject Matter Experts, Coating and Corrosion Specialists, NACE Inspectors, Professional Structural Engineers, Chemists, Certified Industrial Hygienists, and Underwater Coating Specialists/Divers.

    UESI is organized in a way that effectively provides staff in mutually supporting roles as needed to accomplish a wide variety of projects.

    UESI Experts, Coating Specialists, Divers, and Inspectors provide services that encompass all aspects of facility coatings above and below the water. Our personnel are well versed in regulatory requirements that relate to the removal and application of industrial coating systems. Our qualified commercial divers are certified to perform in-service inspections in both atmospheric and immersion areas. Work may be performed under the Owner's program or a program developed by UESI. Site work is staffed by experienced workers capable of working safely and efficiently in industrial environments.

    Services and Capabilities

    UESI’s specialized coatings services benefit a variety of customers including power generation, marine, water utilities, pulp & paper, and major theme parks.

    Expert Consultants and Technical Specialists

    • Coating System Recommendations
    • Material Selection
    • Coating and Corrosion Control Assessment
    • Failure Analysis
    • Coatings Program Development and Recommendations
    • Maintenance Planning
    • Maintenance and Repair Procedures
    • Technical Specification and Procedure Development/Review
    • Containment Design, Ventilation Efficiency Evaluation
    • Worker Training and Qualification

    Technical and Inspection Services

    • Coating Condition and Corrosion Control Surveys
    • Nondestructive Examination and Sample Collection
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
    • In-Process Coating Inspection by NACE Level II and III Certified inspectors
    • Underwater Coating Inspection and Maintenance

    Expert Witness

    • Preliminary Document Review and Analysis of Dispute
    • In-Depth Field Analysis
    • Expert Report
    • Interrogatory and Deposition Assistance
    • Deposition / Court Appearances
    • Dispute Settlement / Arbitration

    Specialized Underwater Inspection and Coating Process

    UESI developed the underwater coating process in 1988. Since then, we have provided these services at every BWR in the US, Japan, and Taiwan. Our capabilities and experience include both large area underwater application and spot repair.

    UESI pioneered the process for performance of large area underwater surface preparation and coatings application. UESI designed and successfully used the first plural component power roller application systems as well as multiple large area surface preparation techniques (mechanical and ultra-high-pressure water jetting) at a nuclear facility in 2004. UESI has qualified this large area coatings underwater application process for numerous suppression chamber applications. UESI has successfully qualified its large area coatings process for nuclear design basis accident (DBA) LOCA conditions using UESI’s proprietary underwater epoxy coating material which has been DBA tested and qualified for both large area application and spot repair on both steel and concrete substrates. Our coating has been approved and used throughout the nuclear industry.

    UESI's QA Program includes ASME B&PV Section XI Visual Examinations (General Visual, VT-1, VT-2 and VT-3 meeting subsections IWA, IWE, IWF, IWL) and Ultrasonic Examinations (Thickness meeting ASME XI, IWA-2350, ASTM E-114 & ASTM SE797.2). The UESI QA Program for Nondestructive Examination certifications meets ASME/ANSI CP-189 and ASME XI. UESI’s QA Program addresses Subsection IWE which provides requirements for in-service inspection of Class MC (ASME XI, Subsection IWE of Section III, Division 1) pressure retaining components and their integral attachments, and of metallic shell and penetration liners of Class CC (Concrete containment ASME Section XI, Subsection IWL) pressure retaining components and their integral attachments in light-water cooled plants. Inspectors are qualified in accordance with a written practice meeting ASME/ANSI CP-189 and ASME Section XI.
    Staffed by qualified and experienced inspectors and coating applicators, many of whom are commercial divers, UESI’s nuclear program addresses safety related issues above and below the water. The same level of quality and expertise benefits our many customers in other industries as well.

    Laboratory Services

    Our laboratory performs a variety of testing including material evaluation and failure analysis. This includes accelerated and exposure testing for the evaluation of coating systems. The environmental analysis addresses OSHA and EPA heavy metals requirements for lead-based paint projects in the areas of worker protection, waste characterization and residential lead abatement. The environmental testing is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) for environmental lead analysis and industrial hygiene metals analysis and by the State of New York Environmental Laboratory Approval Program under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP).