Safety-Related Nuclear Coatings Examinations and Applications
(above and below the water)

UESI’s certified inspectors and diver/inspectors perform detailed coating examinations, condition assessments, and inspections on nuclear systems, components and structures. This includes nuclear containment, fuel pools, safety-related storage tanks, piping, supports, bolting and ECCS components.

Examinations, condition assessments, and inspections meet all client specified, ANSI, ASTM, ASME, NACE code requirements. When coating application is required, it is performed by UESI’s qualified surface preparation (multiple methods) and qualified coating applicators (multiple methods).

UESI has the only underwater repair coating (UT-15) DBA qualified for application in the MNGP torus (Phenoline 368 WG), in the Fermi 2 Torus (Carboguard 6250N). The UT-15 coating is also proposed for torus vapor region repairs due to unavailability of the Phenoline 368 WG. UT-15 is 100% solids (no VOC) and cures under moist and immersion conditions; this eliminates the need for ventilation and environmental controls. UT-15 has a 30-year history of successful performance in both immersion and vapor phase applications.