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Theme Parks and Aquariums

Performing routine maintenance at a major theme park without disrupting operations or affecting show-quality can be challenging. Work must often take place during park hours and sometimes in full view of the guests. This can be further complicated, if the work must be performed underwater.
Undertaking a major rehab or extensive maintenance with the facility in-service might seem impractical. However, on previous projects performed by Underwater Engineering Services, a variety of maintenance issues have been addressed without adverse effect on the park’s operations or guest relations. For example, extensive underwater work was required at a large saltwater aquarium (home to marine life ranging from tropical fish to giant sea turtles, dolphin and sharks) to remediate decaying bottom media bed, address corrosion protection of steel reinforcing in the concrete tank walls and perform upgrades of distribution piping vital to tank’s life support systems. It was also necessary to relocate or stabilize a number of large theme elements some weighing up to several thousand pounds. The work was done entirely with divers without closing the attraction to guests.
The extent and specialized nature of such work dictates that an experienced commercial diving contractor be used. All work must adhere to OSHA and the Association of Diving Contractors International, Inc. (ACDI) safety standards and be carefully planned and coordinated with on-site safety and operational personnel. The safety of the habitat and personnel, the satisfaction of the guests, and the success of the project depends upon the efforts and cooperation of many diverse groups. UESI works closely with personnel from life support, animal care, attraction operations, and show quality departments to ensure not only the health and wellbeing of personnel and animals, but the enjoyment of the guests. In-house engineering services can be provided as required to assess structural issues and design solutions that address specific needs. UESI has the resources and expertise to manage large projects and the capability and experience to perform extensive underwater work without endangering the aquatic environment or causing significant operational impacts.