Underwater construction projects in North Carolina

Underwater construction projects in North Carolina require professional and qualified diving contractors to develop an effective construction plan. Engaging the diving contractor during the planning process can help ensure the construction's success. Project planning and execution is a collaborative effort. An experienced contractor such as Underwater Engineering Services, Inc can offer insights based on experience that lend a practical approach to your project.

Because UESI is an engineering and construction company, we offer a unique combination of skills, including qualified PE divers and construction professionals. UESI continues to evaluate new technologies and methods and apply them to fit the project to provide our clients with the best value for their investment.

UESI has the resources and expertise to manage large underwater construction projects in North Carolina and the capability and experience to perform extensive underwater work without endangering the environment or causing significant operational impacts.

UESI professionals include engineers, technicians, and inspectors who provide expert services in a wide range of disciplines. UESI uses its unique skills on projects requiring an innovative approach.

Our multi-disciplined underwater construction projects in North Carolina and engineering services allow us to address a wide range of challenges facing the industry. Our team of professional divers, inspectors, marine construction specialists and engineers find innovative ways to build quality into every project. Contact us for more information.

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