UESI provides engineering, inspection, and survey services for all types of structures located in, near or over the water.  UESI’s professional engineers are qualified commercial divers able to perform in-water assessments and design cost effective repairs.  Combined with our in-house marine construction capability, we are able to offer turn-key solutions that often result in significant cost savings.  We have experience with a variety of structures including transportation structures, marine structures, water control structures, potable water tanks, wastewater and contaminated treatment facilities, power plant intakes, gates, and trash racks.  Our services include:

  • Structure inspection & evaluation
  • Underwater video & photography
  • Inspection by Professional Engineer-Divers
  • Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI)
  • Construction Management
  • ROV inspection
  • Tunnel and pipe penetration dive inspection
  • Buried pipe ID & OD inspection and assessment
  • Sonar-Enhanced inspection / survey
  • Reports by Professional Engineer
  • NACE, ASME, & ATM Coating inspection
  • Ultrasonic testing equipment
  • Facility condition surveys