Marine Construction

Whether in support of new construction, extensive infrastructure rehabilitation or decommissioning, UESI can perform turnkey work or provide diving support as a subcontractor on large marine construction projects.

UESI has experience solving complex technical issues. We routinely work with our customers to develop safe, effective solutions geared to your project specific requirements. As a member of your project team, UESI can assist with project specifications, material selection, procedure development and scheduling.

  • Seawalls and Docks
  • Pile Jacketing
  • Concrete Restoration and Placement
  • Aids to Navigation
  • Vessel Moorings
  • Drainage Structures
  • Water Control Structures
  • Culvert Repair and Slip Lining
  • Erosion Control
    • Embankment Repair
    • Articulated Block Mat
    • Grouted Mat
    • Turf Reinforcement Mat
    • Geotube
    • Slide Gates