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Nuclear ASME B&PV Code, Section XI, NUREG-1801 Aging Management Program assessments
(above and below the water)

UESI’s certified in-service inspectors and diver/inspectors perform detailed surface and volumetric examinations in nuclear containment (drywell, containment building, wetwell/suppression chamber(s), supports/hangers/restraints, integral attachments, bolting, ECCS sumps and strainers), and other safety related & pressure retaining systems, structures and components (Fuel Pool liners, Condensate and Reactor Water Storage Tanks, Service Water piping and components). Inspections, Examinations, and Assessments are conducted for integrity determinations of nuclear systems, structures and components in areas not typically accessible (e.g. immersion areas, piping interior surfaces) for coated or non-coated substrates to identify, quantify and evaluate corrosion, mechanical damage, surface defects and minimum wall thickness conditions.

Over the past 35 years, UESI has worked with utilities around the world to develop and implement programs addressing condition assessments and effect on plant operability and remediation solutions related to critical safety related systems.