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Manatee Protection Program

The Mission of the MPS Team at UESI is to Design, Manufacture, Install and Maintain Manatee Protection Sensor Systems for water control structures. These sensor systems detect Manatees that are at risk of being crushed in Flood Control and Navigation Lock Gates. Two unique UESI designs are the PED – Piezo-Electric-Detection system for Vertical Lift-Gates and the ADS – Acoustic Detection System for Navigation Lock Gates. The PED Sensors are polyurethane “Bumpers” that are clamped to the structure floor. They include very sensitive Piezo-Electric Tiles that detect very light contact as manatees swim beneath the closing gate. These sensors ignore the turbulence from the rushing water and provide a safe detection of the manatee’s body to STOP the gate and reverse the direction to allow the manatee to freely swim through without harm.